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Temporary anchors

Temporary ground anchors are applied for carrying high tensile forces onto the load bearing soil stratum in a limited period of time (up to 2 years). A temporary ground anchor is made of: root length, rod (free anchor length) and anchorage.

Temporary anchors are primarily applied for:

• supporting various types of temporary retaining walls, incl. sheet pile walls, Berliner walls and diaphragm wall designed as support systems for deep excavations;

• supporting various types of permanent excavation support systems/construction elements (incl. sheet pile walls, diaphragm walls)

• transferring lift forces resulting from construction (e.g. temporary anchoring of bottom plates, anchoring of stays, test loading systems, etc.).

We offer the installation of temporary ground anchors with outer diameters of 133m or 152mm. The anchors are drilled with a gimlet bit in pipe casing with air/water/grout etc. flush, depending on the design. Upon making a borehole, grout injection is carried out and then the anchor bearing element is installed (such as a set of wires or a bar equipped with spacers, injection hoses and separator(s). Some 12 hours afterwards anchor injection is executed (single or double) and 7 days later the anchors are tested, compressed and stabilized with anchorage.

Due to the character of anchor performance – carrying tensile forces – and related risk, each anchor, before being put to use, is tested for load carrying capacity at least equal to the design load. Anchors used for supporting retaining structures are installed in one or more levels. The upper anchor level is usually located above the ground water level. Bottom levels are often installed below the ground water level (underwater anchors) with the use of watertight heads.

Temporary ground anchors are installed in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN 1537: Execution of special geotechnical works – Ground anchors


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